It’s time to reclaim the promise of public education in Jefferson Parish.

We need a school board that represents all stakeholders—students, parents, teachers, education experts, and faith and community leaders—not just the business sector, which won a majority on the school board in 2010. We need a school system that uses its resources to enrich, not shrink, the curriculum. We must allow educators to broaden their students’ horizons and not focus exclusively on test prep.

In sum, we must expand programs to serve all students—the English language learners; the tech career students; the gifted, athletic and artistic; the children affected by poverty; the “good” students and the students in trouble.

But today, our school district is reeling from:

  • Too many school closures, with little concern for neighborhoods or input from the community;
  • A growing obsession with expensive testing that hurts children and undermines real learning;
  • A narrowing of the curriculum;
  • Overcrowded classrooms with less personal attention to each student;
  • A rigid school environment where teachers are scripted, silenced and forced to “teach to the test”;
  • A lack of transparency and full disclosure in the annual budget;
  • A failure to fund pre-K education;
  • The loss of hard-earned taxpayer dollars spent by the school board to defend itself (unsuccessfully) in court after committing illegal actions against employees; and
  • A rush to farm out neighborhood schools to charter school companies.

It’s time for fresh energy and a collaborative vision in Jefferson Parish schools. We must engage our entire community in preparing our children for the 21st century.

Today, instead of reform, we have gridlock. School board votes are always 5 to 4 after angry discussion that excludes the community and prevents real study and debate.

We need a school board that puts education before business and politics. We need a team that listens to all of Jefferson Parish.
It’s time to reclaim the promise of public education in Jefferson Parish.

Join us!